The AGreenFin (Assessing the EU Strategy on Green Finance and ESG factors) project is a research program funded by the European Commission under the European Union’s Jean Monnet Project.

Our mission is to promote and to better understand sustainable development through financial markets by supporting cross-fertilization, dissemination of information and policy proposals concerning the issue of the development of Socially-Responsible-Investments (SRI) and ESG related practices and regulation at European level.

Key points of the project

  • Foster the engagement of members of the hosting institution and support young researchers in research on the status of Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) strategies and on the need for regulatory harmonization at the EU level, with a special focus on the action plan on sustainable finance adopted by the European Commission in March 2018;
  • Series of seminars, workshop and conference on the SRI funds in EU, in comparison with other international experiences, aimed at fostering the dialogue between different stakeholders: academicians and students, institutional investors, policy makers, civil society;
  • Cross fertilization activities to promote discussion on the subject of SRI at the EU level;
  • Spread content activities towards different stakeholders of SRI, academic community, civil society through an interactive website, conference proceedings, newsletters, social networking and research papers.



The goal of the project is two-fold:

  • To increase awareness among academia, students, industry and policy makers through seminars, a workshop and a conference and other dissemination activities about the trends and challenges faced by the SRI-related funds in European regions with particular reference to regulatory harmonization in the EU.
  • To foster academic research on SRI regulation and practices in European Union, in cooperation with the reflections from different target groups, in the light of the European Commission proposals within the Action plan of Sustainable finance.