Welcome to the Jean Monnet Project: “Assessing the EU Strategy on Green Finance and ESG factors – AEU_GF”

In recent decades, Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), which focuses on ethical values, environmental protection, social issues, good governance, etc., has attracted considerable attention not only to individual investors and private citizens, but also researchers and academicians.

Initially promoted by institutional investors, the development of SRI has continued and even intensified in recent years, particularly since the last financial crisis.

An increasing number of private investors are moving towards investments that are able to reconcile responsible investment and performance.

To the effects of the crisis we have to add the regulations and public policies that we must take into account. In Europe, thanks to the Green New Deal, many investments will be directed towards companies that provide solutions to the challenges of the energy transition. The effects of these policies can already be seen and their influence will be even greater in the future.

In this view, the JM project “Assessing the EU Strategy on Green Finance and ESG factors” aims to carry out further research, disseminate the available information among students, researchers, representatives of civil society such as mutual funds, pension funds, regulatory authorities, on the issue of SRI in Europe and on the harmonization process of the legislation at EU level.

The project has been running from 2020 to 2022.

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